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The New Reflex Demo
Welcome to the H2HTrainers website.  Here you will
find equipment that cannot be found anywhere else,
like the Fighting Arm Dummy and the Knockout Speed
& Power Calculator.  We offer a wide range of high
quality Wing Chun dummies at the most competitive
prices.  Free training videos and articles on the
resources page not only demonstrate our gear in
action, but also provide you with the information you
want.  Here you will find the products and tips to
cultivate the qualities which will make you your best.
Check out our newest video showing Mike
training on the spring-loaded Reflex Mook
The wall mount
Wing Chun dummy
that started it all.
Click on the collage to see
our exclusive line of Fighting
Arm and Leg Dummies!
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Build your own
universal stand for
heavy bags,
dummies or
whatever else.  
Detailed plans in
3D available for
free on our
resources page.
Our CST has
been revamped!  
More power with
the same 9v
battery and price!
The Grappling & Striking
Dummy and Grappling &
Striking Dummy Deluxe
now made with Ballistic
For your convenience, we are
making the instructions for our
products available online.  Not
everything is up yet, but the
rest will be coming soon.  
Click on the PDF thumbnails to
Fighting & Philosophy 1
Bruce Lee, Philosophy
and Me

A new podcast I am starting looking at the
intellectual side of the martial arts.  This first
episode is about the JKD process and how it
can extend beyond the fighting arts.